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Flor De Caña 5 Year Añejo Clasico Rum

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The Flor de Caña 5-year-old Black Label rum (and indeed the entire Flor de Caña line-up) has recently been given a face-lift with a new bottle, a slightly changed name, and a new label design. The medium tall bottleshown to the left is the bottle design which is being phased out. It was designed to allow the company to ship bottles more efficiently by packing more volume into a rectangular shipping case. As well as being ergonomic, this bottle was also designed to be functional. It fits easily on the bartender’s shelf, is easy to grab hold of, and is easy for that aforementioned bartender to pour into a glass or cocktail making the rum very accessible to the bar trade. The plastic cap is easy to open, and again those bartenders who want to pour drinks fast and furiously are kept happy.