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Geyser Peak Water Bend Chardonnay 2014

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The WaterBend Chardonnay takes its name from both the wide bend in the Russian River where our primary vineyard source is located as well as from the use of water bent barrels in the fermentation and aging process. Water bending barrels allows for an exquisite extraction of oak flavor that integrates early into the wine and contributes a soft, rounded texture to the palate. Bright acidity from the fruit brings textural elements from the oak into balance and the abundant pome fruit, floral, and creamy elements add layers of complexity. Toasting a barrel while the oak staves are wet creates an aroma profile reminiscent of pastry dough and a floral/spice character similar to that of petunia or marigold blooms. We find this to be a perfect marriage for the luscious Chardonnay grape.